The Australian Retail Association (ARA) Calls For Nicotine Vaping Legislation

Last week saw another voice calling for the legalisation of nicotine vaping. The ARA said that vapes and other smoke-free products must be legalised by the new federal government. The industry body issued a statement last week, following the decision by the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) to authorise the sale of smokeless heated tobacco systems, which has left Australia as one of the last major countries in the world where these products are still not embraced as a public health priority. New Zealand recently legalised vaping as part of its effort to become smoke-free by 2025. The Government is set to publicly recommend vaping products as a healthier alternative to smoking in a media campaign to begin in August this year.

Executive Director of the ARA, Russell Zimmerman, said “If governments are serious about solutions beyond ramping up smokers’ costs, allowing the sale of alternatives that cut smokers’ health risks without passive risk to innocent bystanders, is a must.

“Whatever you think of smoking, there are benefits here for smokers and non-smokers. Australia’s got it wrong. It’s time that changed.”

It’s great to see another voice come out in support of legalising nicotine vaping. Hopefully the new government will realise that there is a growing body of evidence and a growing list of organisations that support nicotine legalisation, and will take the necessary steps to legalise it for the benefit of all Australians.

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