There are many ways to assist with quitting cigarettes and no one way is better than another. It is personal preference and lifestyle choice. The following are commonly utilised methods.

| Stay occupied

Keep yourself busy by distracting yourself;  picking up a hobby, read an interesting book, play some games, meet new people.

| Swap it out

Chew some gum, drink some herbal tea, use a stress ball 

| Surround yourself with the right people

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Smokers tend to socialise together, maintain a safe distance and surround yourself with inspiring people.

| Switch to nicotine alternatives

By releasing small controlled doses into the bloodstream, NRT can help users reduce symptoms and cravings. This may be vaping, nicotine patches, and so forth.

| Changing your habits

Changing your routine can help break old habits. Do things differently – if you tend to have a cigarette with your coffee then try changing your beverage.

| Mindful Practices

Meditation & deep breathing exercises can help to relieve stress and calm the mind

| Exercising

As nicotine releases chemical hormones, so does exercising. Exercising boosts your endorphins and serotonin levels. Fresh air can be energizing and is beneficial in so many ways

| Ask for support

Asking for support can be tough but know that you are not alone. Getting support can assist with strategies on dealing with 

| Celebrate your successes

Never underestimate the power of a small win. Treat yourself with something that you enjoy for doing a good job.